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MediPrep Information is a non-profit organisation with the goal to strengthen children and young adults rights to information, preparation and processing when getting into contact with healthcare. MediPrep information is producing, providing and marketing information in pursuit of this goal. The organisation is also conducting training and research in this area.

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Hans Sandqvist and Jo Rideout have lent us their voices for the stories about Elias and Moa who are to have their tonsils operated on.

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Illustrationer: Jeanette Engqvist, website Illumedic, epost:

Responsible publisher

Gunilla Lööf
Nurse Anesthetist, Medicine Doktor (PhD)

Elisabet Ericsson
Nurse anesthetist, Medicine Doktor (PhD), Docent

Stefan Lundeberg
Anesthesiologist, Medicine Doktor (PhD), Specialist for pain relief