What happens on the day of the operation?

Before the anaesthetic is administered, your child undergoes a medical check-up. This is to make sure that your child is in good condition to proceed with the surgery. You’ll receive information about what to expect from the day and how your child may feel after surgery.

Can I, as an immediate family member or friend, be present?

An immediate family member or friend may accompany the child into the operating room and stay with the child until he/she has fallen asleep. After the surgery, the child will be taken to the recovery room where the immediate family member or friend can be present.

When can my child go home?

Your child will be discharged the same day as the operation or the day after, depending on the routines at your hospital. The child is discharged when he/she has had something to eat and drink and feels well enough. The nursing staff decides when the child can go home. If you are going home driving your own car, it’s important that there is an adult next to the child in the car at all times. Therefor you need to have one adult accompanying you when going home.

Make sure that your child brings along a favourite book, a cuddly toy, a blanket or anything else that may help them feel secure.

Be prepared that there may be waiting times at the hospital.

Bring something along to help your child and yourself pass the time.

Keep control of your own anxiety.

A worried parent can easily transfer his/her anxiety to the child. Act calmly and inspire confidence.