Målgruppsbild för vuxna patienter som visar en sittande man och stående kvinna

Information for adult patients

Tonsil surgery is a quick surgical procedure that’s performed under general anaesthetic. The operation can be performed in two ways: Either the whole tonsil is removed, which is most common in the event of repeated throat infections, or only the protruding parts that block the airway are removed. The ear, nose and throat (ENT/Otolaryngology) doctor who will perform the operation decides which surgical procedure is best suited to you. The decision depends on the problems your tonsils are causing you.

The purpose of this information is to help everyone who undergoes tonsil surgery to feel as good as possible after the surgery and to be able to return to normal food and normal activities as quick as possible.

What happens now?

If you haven’t already been given a date for the operation, at the same time that you received this information, you’ll receive notification of this by post, telephone or e-mail.

Common questions

How long do you need to stay at the hospital?

Most people are discharged the same day of the surgery, or the day after, but it all depends on the routine at the hospital.

When can you go home?

You’re discharged when you can eat and drink and feel well enough to be able to leave the department. The nursing staff decides when you can go home. You must not drive or cycle,but should be picked up by a family member or friend. Someone should stay with you the first night since you’ve been under anaesthetic and have just been operated on.

How long will you be away from school or work?

The time that you need to stay at home varies. When both tonsils have been removed completely, you should be home for at least 8 days. When only the enlarged parts of the tonsils have been removed, you should be home for at least 4 days.

What must I refrain from after having just undergone surgery?

You must take it easy after surgeryin order to reduce the risk of bleeding. Bed rest isn’t necessary. It’s good for you to be up under calm conditions during the first few days, and there’s nothing to prevent you from going outside if you feel up to it. If possible, avoid interacting with people who have a cold.You must refrain from strenuous physical activity, e.g. sport, heavy lifting and cleaning, for 14 days.

Are there any risks involved with the operation?