What happens when you have your tonsils taken out?

Your tonsils are at the very back of your throat. If you look in a mirror, you can see them on either side of your tongue. They look almost like a couple of meatballs. Your tonsils can become infected and then you may get a fever and a sore throat. If your tonsils get infected often, you may need to have them taken out to make you feel better.

Another reason you may need to have your tonsils taken out is if they grow so large that they make it hard for you to breathe normally when you are asleep.

Sometimes, the doctor doesn’t have to remove the whole tonsil; it may work to just make them slightly smaller.

You’ll be asleep during the entire operation and won’t notice a thing. Afterwards, the discomfort you feel because of your tonsils will disappear.

That’s GREAT!